The season of famine looms across East Africa!

Minhaj Welfare Foundation has been working in East Africa village by village delivering a sustainable infrastructure of education facilities, livelihood support programs and healthcare for years. Our “adopt a village” campaigns have encouraged donor communities...
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Winter Campain

#ColderForThem: Rebuild Lives This Winter Millions of people have been left displaced and forced out of their homes in Asia and the Middle East. Many are living as refugees in overcrowded IDP camps. They do not...
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Education for all

Minhaj Welfare Foundation (MWF) strongly believes that education is the most crucial foundation stone of any society; without which the development and progress of any nation is not achievable.

Water for all

Minhaj Welfare Foundation is fighting to end the water crisis ensuring everyone has access to clean drinking water. And with the support of people like you, we have built more than 3000 water projects benefitting more than 250,000 people.