Education for all

Imagine a future in which every child is free to change their life, community and even the world. It all starts in the classroom.

Minhaj Welfare Foundation (MWF) strongly believes that education is the most crucial foundation stone of any society; without which the development and progress of any nation is not achievable.

With your help, children forgotten by their parents and community will find a new family and home at Minhaj Welfare. They are offered food, shelter, healthcare and a quality education.

An estimated 150 thousands poor and need children from our educational institutions need further support to ensure a better future.

Primary Student Sponsorship


Provide an opportunity for children to gain quality education in Primary and Secondary schools across Asia and Africa.

Hifz Student Sponsorship


Provide an opportunity for children to memorise the Holy Quran as part of our 4 year Hifz program.

Orphan & Needy Sponsorship


Providing Orphan and Needy children with full care at the Aghosh Orphan Care Home.

Rebuilding & Development


Towards re-building and developing existing Minhaj schools to improve quality education..

WHEN YOU MAKE A DONATION you will receive details about the sponsored child or student as well a photograph and an annual report of his or her progress.