Support Our Work in the UK

Our major project in the UK aims to communicate the true message of Islam.

Support our project in the UK

To promote peace, love and harmony in schools and local communities or to assist in the translation of Islamic Literature. Our projects in the UK aims to communicate the true message of Islam and support those in need within our community in the UK (through feeding the homeless).

Our dedicated team translates Islamic literature from Arabic and Urdu into English. The books are authored by Shaykh-ul-Islam, Dr Muhammad Tahirul-Qadri. Some of the books which have been published or in the process includes; Is Celebrating Mawlid-un-Nabi Bid’a?, Kitab ul Bid’a, Innovation, Intermediation and Mawlid according to Imams and A’ima, Kitab ul Tawhid (The book On Divine Oneness) and amongst many others.

Minhaj College Manchester

Minhaj College Manchester will meet the many challenges faced by the British Muslims.

Minhaj College Manchester (MCM) is a full-time independent college providing high-quality education in various academic disciplines (i.e. A-Levels) alongside accredited courses in Islamic studies. The MCM is committed to teaching to the highest standard of Islamic education with its Intermediate Diploma in Islamic Studies (IDIIS), which will draw on both traditional and contemporary texts for its students.
MCM takes pride in providing a holistic environment for all students offering personal, spiritual and academic guidance, thus making its pastoral care system a central part of daily activities.

Research and Publications

The Farid-e-Millat Research Institute (FMRi) is dedicated to carrying out all the necessary work that is required upon the books by Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri in order for them to be published. This involves research work, compilation, editing, proofreading etc. In addition, books by Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri are translated into Arabic and English. The FMRi has a dedicated team of highly experienced research scholars who carryout this work. As part of the education programme, MWF is funding this project both in Pakistan and the UK.


Minhaj Welfare Foundation awareness campaign challenges public opinion in ways that have a positive impact on lives. Our awareness campaigns take place through local community engagement initiatives and include a variety of methods like media campaigns (radio and tv), social media content, workshops and debates.


According to reports there is now a growing number of people sleeping on the streets. MWF works with local groups and partners to provide hot meals at soup kitchens and ready packed meals to homeless people locally.


Minhaj Welfare Foundation develops workshops and courses to deliver in seminars that educate students towards becoming constructively contributing participants of their society. These seminars are both practical and interactive.



Support College/University Seminars to educate students towards becoming constructively contributing participants of their society.

Support Minhaj College Manchester


Support Minhaj College Manchester.

Translate a book


Contribute towards translating and publishing a 300-page book.

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