Winter Campain

#ColderForThem: Rebuild Lives This Winter

This winter, Minhaj Welfare Foundation needs your help to aid the needy people around the world with the essential items they need to make it through the cold winter months. 

Millions of people have been left displaced and forced out of their homes in Asia and the Middle East. Many are living as refugees in overcrowded IDP camps. They do not have access to work, school and other places of business or cannot get the relevant medical to support their families.

Food & Water


Can provide a family with a meal for one month

Winterisation Pack


Can provide a family with warm clothing

Food, Water + Winterisation Pack


Can feed a family for an entire month and provide warm clothing

YOU could save a life this winter by providing food and shelter to those who will need it the most this time of year.

Remember, it’s #ColderForThem.

They’re counting on us.